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New Original Songs on the release are:

Standing At The Edge Of The World




The Real Me

Say You Love Me

One Of Those Old Things (We All Go Through)

Sing It Boy

Something's Gonna Get Us All





Some of the Rockabilly Classics are:

Big River


Down The Line


Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Mean Woman Blues

Second And San Antone

Flowers On Papa's Grave


I have just put to bed my latest and possibly last CD project. This has taken a little over 18 months of working when I could and when others were available for both musicians, engineers and studios. I have worked with some old friends and also some new people I may never have met had this project not brought them in. I thank all of you. If you care to book me and a band for a special party or occasion you may do it thru this site also. Most of the fee will go towards this special fund for finishing up the CD. Thank you all for your support and patience.

Thank You Friends and Fans


Your Support

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Virginia - Massachusetts - Oregon - New York - Nevada - Iowa - Louisiana - Texas - Mississippi - Colorado - Tennessee - Sweden  Japan - Australia - Canada - Germany - Norway - Connecticut - Georgia - Czech Republic - California - Oklahoma - North Dakota

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 In 1961 in Foxworth Mississippi my Dad gave me 2 crisp 100 bills, 2 new suits of clothes, 1 new leather suitcase and a one-way ticket to Houston Texas and advised me to head West to make my fortune.  I have sometimes wondered if he did that in self-defense or if he was just sending me off to find a better life.  A little of both I guess, and so I got on that bus.

The song PIANOGRAPHY (And Then Some) is the story of my travels and adventures while making music and traveling from Mississippi to Texas to California to Tennessee and winding up here in Austin Texas at what may be the end of the line.  No more starting-over necessary.  Well let's hope not....

Many of the other songs are original musical vignettes that can apply to my life---your life or anyone else's. We have all experienced and shared--- Happiness, Hope & Joy as well as Sadness, Heartbreak, and the Blues.

Now for over half a century I have traveled about and played music with the famous and the not-so-famous always making good music when I could.  So now it is my turn in the Spot-Light.  Now choosing from the top shelf of songs I have written, co-written, or collected; I present to you this EPB recording that so many of you have asked for.

Please also enjoy The "live" Johnny Cash Bash/Rockabilly section with some of my favorite classics from that era and a recording of a Young Earl from 1967 in Hollywood "Second and San Antone" and a 1977 Nashville Demo of the original song "Papa's Grave" to close it out.  Thanks to all of the talented, musicians, singers and studio engineers who joined me on this 18 month long ride, without your help and patience, it would not have been possible.